About Myself (Essay Sample)

About Myself (Essay Sample) Essay about myself A common object that most of the people are looking for in this world is the essence of identity. There are many human beings whom we share this planet with and everyone has a unique personality. No two people, even twins, have the same personalities. Each and every being has his or her own purpose and is special in their own ways. As we go through our lives, we wear different masks, such that we act differently in different social and physical environments. Everyone tries his or her best to look good among the people but in a deeper sense, we are all on a journey on finding our innermost authentic self. As for me, my being is centered upon this existentialism and the awesomeness and mystery of the universe at large. I believe that I am a piece of infinity, and as such, I am also an infinite being living and playing this life in order to nurture and educate my soul upon its journey back to God. As a person, I am very passionate. My passion is towards making my creativity take over my body and contribute to the beauties of the world. Through my monumental effort and responsibility, I strive to make a miniscule change in this world. I want to share love and compassion towards every being and strive to understand the perspective of each as inseparable parts of God, just like me, you, and anybody else. I believe that every being deserves respect as all are holy and magnificent creations of God. If I perceive it as bad or wrong, then God just wants me to learn a deep lesson, and that those experiences only serve to make me grow and learn. The institutions that govern our society

Beach Description (Essay Sample)

Beach Description (Essay Sample) Beach Description Calmness, peace and serenity, these are the vibes I always get when I think about the beach. Others might think the same way; thus, people travel far and wide, from state to state or from country to country, just to experience these. The beach is always a sight to behold, a relaxing place to unwind, and an adventure to explore. If you are a photographer and you like to take pictures of places and sceneries, then the beach is a great and interesting subject to capture. It is always a sight to behold. The wonderful combination of colors, especially when captured during sunrise or sunset, will never give you a disappointment. The picture of the beach will have 3 parts namely, the land or the shore, the water and the horizon. Beaches usually have different types of land. Two of the most common types are sand and pebbles. It could also be a combination of both, or with gravel, shingle, cobblestones or particles of corals and mollusks. Sandy beaches have a wide range of colors. It can go from white, pink, light brown, reddish brown, black and so on. The United Arab Emirates is well known for its seven shades of sand. One shade for each of the seven emirates it is composed of. The country also has beautiful beaches with the different shades of sand ranging from white to reddish brown. Their sands have fine grains, soft, and mushy, perfect for sand castles. The country of Maldives and the country of the Philippines, on the other hand, have amazing white beaches, due of course, to their white sand. The contrast of white sand to the blue waters makes you think you’ve to reach heaven when seen with your own two eyes or captured

Causes And Effects Of Global Warming (Essay Sample)

Causes And Effects Of Global Warming (Essay Sample) Causes and Effects of Global Warming There are diverse challenges impinging our environment. Destruction of the forests, pollution, and the use of every of our earth’s natural resources are among a few. Nonetheless, none of these problems is as serious as global warming as it affects both everyone and everything. Global warming refers to the rise of the temperature within the atmosphere as a result of carbon dioxide emission (Haldar, 2011).  Individuals must put matters in their own hands by taking serious actions towards stopping this catastrophe, moreover, must recognize the magnitude of this issue before things go from bad to worse. The future solely relies on actions we take towards slowing global warming. Accordingly, it is important to understand the causes as well as consequences of global warming. Causes of Global Warming Scientists have linked global warming with an increase in greenhouse gases within the air generated via human undertakings, for instance, deforestation, combustion of non-renewable sources, in other term fossil fuels among others. These activities generate huge quantities of greenhouse gas production which is the primary cause of global warming. According to White (2017), greenhouse gases absorb heat within the globe’s atmosphere in order towards keeping the earth warm towards sustaining existence; this natural method is referred as the greenhouse effect, which is a natural process. With the absence of these gases, the universe will be cold on behalf of sustaining human beings, as well as other living things. The greenhouse effect occurs because of stability of the main kinds of greenhouse gases. Nonetheless, whenever unusually high degrees of these gases mount up within the temperature, a lot of heat begins getting confined, besides, results in the development of greenhouse effect. Man-made generated discharges have been linked with heightening greenhouse